The 201 Dub

My name is Monster Billy Bob. My friends name is Will scolltroper. He is missing and need to find him before midnight My other two friends names are Tyson Raptor and  Lucas the Rex. When we play squads were 200 and 0. Most people say that he is in Title Towers BUT he is real is in the labotor in Walling Woods. 2 hours later. we are at the laborer its cool but we see Omega and Valor. We found Will Scooltroper .We ran out 2 seconds before midnight yah we won.Will


I like homecoming because you to get wear moms and go to the parade. I was in the homecoming parade the whole football team was there. We threw candy and other things at them.Roughneck days was fun we got to pet a pig a chicken dokey rabbit turkey and horse. You got to also ride a horse.There was a game were there was a bucket in the middle and there was two water hoses and try to spray the bucet to the other side.They also sold real over price peanuts.





9/11 Reflections

Well I thank the ack’s of  someone doing that does not happen in everyday life. But on the bright side it change the world. It brought the best out of use that day. New Found Land they are a big part of 9/11 .They help other people that they did not even know not even from the same country. It has not even happen for 17 years and it wont happen again.Am clad to be an american were I no im free.















Pumpkin Patch

The house is big and red.There’s small pumpkins and big pumpkins.There’s colorful pumpkins and not so colorful pumpkins.There is circlely pumpkins and little grass and brown wood and green trees.

Life In Fifth Grade

My first day of school was the best first day of school. I love P.E day they`re  the best. I love my teachers and my favorite subject is math. I also like computer lab. Time goes a lot faster than last year because we use to have 3 teachers but now we have 5 teachers. Its awesome