9/11 Reflections

Well I thank the ack’s of  someone doing that does not happen in everyday life. But on the bright side it change the world. It brought the best out of use that day. New Found Land they are a big part of 9/11 .They help other people that they did not even know not even from the same country. It has not even happen for 17 years and it wont happen again.Am clad to be an american were I no im free.















Life In Fifth Grade

My first day of school was the best first day of school. I love P.E day they`re  the best. I love my teachers and my favorite subject is math. I also like computer lab. Time goes a lot faster than last year because we use to have 3 teachers but now we have 5 teachers. Its awesome

Winn Dixie

My favorite character in Winn  Dixie is otis.because he loved animals just like me.He also like music. My favorite part is when otis punched  a cop!Its my favorite because its real funny and when he tells opal he sad he broke his noises.


You will  get to switch classes. You will have lots of computers. Your teachers will be Mrs.Odom,Mrs.William,Mrs.Casey,Mrs.Bussey and Mrs. You stell get recess.